About Brevard Cloud

Brevard Cloud is the cloud services IT division of Logan Industries, Inc. (LII). LII was formed in 1988 on the space coast of Florida, located in Melbourne, Florida. Since its formation, LII has been developing custom and 'off the shelf' software products, as well as providing IT infrastructure design, support, and management services.

IT in the cloud

Over the past few years the term 'cloud computing' has become increasingly popular. In the cloud approach IT resources such as servers, databases, and network management devices are subscribed to as services from various cloud providers. The recent advances in Internet speeds and reliability, as well as the providers server provisioning mechanisms, have made it possible for small business organizations to take advantage of cloud services, thus minimizing the reliance of 'on-premises' hardware, devices and software.

By subscribing to IT resources clients have less worry about hardware failures and maintenance. Further, the investment in hardware is much smaller than with the traditional on-premises approach; capacities can easily be scaled up as needed; reliability is much higher as cloud service vendors maintain the hardware and software; and accessibility is more flexible allowing for easy multi location support.

Making the move

The myriad of cloud offerings makes it hard for the small business consumer to decide what is the best solution for their organizational needs. Technical know-how is needed to implement solutions efficiently, securely, and cost effectively. The Brevard Cloud division was formed to help the small business consumer navigate, implement and maintain their IT in the cloud. By providing the know-how and resources to select, implement, and maintain, clients can take full advantage of the array of cloud features available and run their IT resources in an efficient and effective manner.

IT Consulting and management services

Brevard Cloud provides IT Consulting and Management Services for small business and organizations. Our consulting services provide for network and equipment resource selection and layout, research services for application selection and implementation, overseeing of hardware installations by selected vendors, and solution development for customer unique specifications. As Brevard Cloud does NOT sell hardware, it can provide objective and unbiased recommendations for equipment selections based purely on the client’s needs and requirements.

Brevard Cloud Services expertise include Cloud Server and On Presmises server configuration and management (single and multi-site), hybrid configurations, e-mail, web-site integration services, Cloud and local backup service, cloud resource management, and remote on-line support services.